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Infusing Recovery into Mental Health Services

By People Across New York State
Published: April 9, 2008
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This document has been prepared with extensive participation fromconsumers, survivors and ex-patients across New York State. This would nothave been possible without the willingness of these people to give of theirtime, knowledge and expertise. For this reason, first and foremost, ourdeepest thanks go to the 400 individuals who participated in the creation andrefinement of The White Paper.PEOPLe Inc., a mulit-county recipient-run program in New YorkState, was an invaluable part of this process as they patiently providedlogistical planning and dialogue set up for the "Creating a GrassrootsDemand for Quality" project.A special "thank you" is extended to Steve Miccio, ExecutiveDirector of PEOPLe, Inc. Read More...


New NYS OMH ECT Guidelines

By James Rye
Published: April 8, 2008
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Background: Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) is a vital yet controversial treatment, especially when provided by court order and over objection, which has evoked considerable and important discussion among a broad constituency in New York State.  In light of the ongoing debate regarding court ordered ECT, OMH offers this document to clarify its clinical and administrative thinking.



The Informed Constituent: BACK TO THE DARK AGES

By George Ebert
Published: August 8, 2006
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Two bills have quietly passed through the Assembly and Senate that have thousands of mental health representatives and advocates concerned. On August 3rd, several members of the Mental Patients Liberation Alliance held a press conference at the State Capitol to increase public awareness and gain support in opposition of the bills.  The people who will immediately be affected by the new legislation are currently behind the locked doors of treatment facilities, most likely unaware of the legislation and unable to voice objections. 



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