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Movement to Change, Inc.

250B Kearsing Parkway 1 (845) 694-8170
Monsey, NY fax: 1 (845) 694-8170
USA 10952 website:

Mission Statement

To improve mental health and wellbeing by leading the way in healing and wellness through education, innovative products and authentic services.


BECOME A HEALING AND WELLNESS MENTOR* WE INVITE YOU TO HELP DEVELOP AND SHARE Healing and Wellness to Improve Mental Health and Wellbeing What is Mentoring? Mentoring is about one person helping another person achieve something important to both of them.” Maybe it is a framework for understanding priorities and emotions, a specific sequence of practical steps to achieve, or something else that is important to them. But they are both invested in accomplishing this meaningful something. Mentoring creates non-threatening connections in less formal and non-hierarchical or supervisory chain-of-command environments where a person can openly discuss their needs and circumstances with a person who is positive and helpful. Mentoring typically focuses on interpersonal support, guidance, and mutual exchange, sharing of wisdom, coaching, and role modeling without telling someone what to do. Mentors act as a guide, adviser and/or counselor helping in whatever transitions might occur or may be anticipated through various stages of someone’s life such as developing a career, dealing with challenging times, or advancing in personal growth. A mentor is a more experienced person who is paired or grouped with someone less experienced to offer help based on their own experience and serve as an example as they develop and advance. Charities and businesses suggest that the quality of the mentoring relationship is heavily influenced by the amount of common interests between the mentor and mentee. How is this Mentoring done best? Mentors are appreciated and valued because of their giving of help and support; providing encouragement, insight and time; empowering and boasting confidence within an insightful framework infused in meaningful ways. Mentors facilitate Mentees forward movement towards accomplishing the goals they want achieved. What is a Healing or Wellness Coach? Wellness coaches focus on improving both physical and mental health; one’s physical wellbeing along with psychological, emotional, intellectual, social, occupational and environmental wellness. Wellness coaches motivate you to make healthy lifestyle changes by providing tools for goal-setting, motivation and self-discovery. Healing Coach Bruce Dickson succinctly asks, “"All healthcare should begin with self-healing, don’'t you agree?”" What is a Healing and Wellness Mentor? Healing and Wellness Mentors are specialists trained in Empowerment, Peer Advocacy, and The Scholle Model® who have a uniquely powerful approach and understanding to healing and wellness. *Healing and Wellness Mentors need to receive certification by Movement To Change Inc. BECOME A HEALING AND WELLNESS MENTOR WE INVITE YOU TO DEVELOP AND SHARE your Healing and Wellness insight. LEARN WITH Eva Scholle Lapides Original Healing and Wellness Mentor Founder and President of Movement To Change Inc. A Founder and President of The Empowerment Center Creator of The Scholle Model® GAIN INSIGHT TO RELIEVE DISTRESS Currently Available updated 2/2012 1. MTC’s Introductory Workshops • Introduction to Empowerment • Introduction to Psychiatric Recovery • Introduction to Self-Reflective Plan or Pre-Advance Directive • Introduction to Empowerment from Past-Traumatic Experiences 2. MTC One-Day Seminars • "Moving Psychiatric Recovery towards Healing and Wellness" is composed of two introductory workshops 3. MTC One-Day Experiences • One-Day Self-Reflective Experience (based on the workbook) • One-Day Empowerment Experience (based on the Trauma book) 4. MTC’ Expansive Trainings Learn to gain more knowledge OR become a Presenter or Mentor LEARN ABOUT HEALING AND WELLNESS Movement To Change's Healing & Wellness Curriculum are seminar and workshop series designed to facilitate the practical understanding and application of The Scholle Model®. We provide life and community guidance both to those in need of healing and those who wish to help others. Do you know how to find wellbeing? Do you know how to heal? We believe that language can define a process and how one identifies ones self. Knowing facilitative words and finding the right questions opens the door to awareness. We start with the approach - define recovery, healing and wellness. Then we take our steps to walk through the door by blending the questions with understanding and practical applications. Start with common decency, kindness and respect as kindness can ease traumatic situations and the lack of common decency can cause trauma. We all have human needs and we must be respectful of them. This is our basic assumption. How do you satisfy your needs? What do your relationships look like? What will your healing journey look like? How will you balance your life's pursuits? We can help you in pursuit of your answers. We can help you in your journey. Over 25 Years of Experience in Alternative Healing, Mental Health, Empowerment and Peer Advocacy Degrees in Education and Special Education from Syracuse University, Leadership and Public Speaking from Toastmasters International WE INVITE YOU TO HELP DEVELOP AND SHARE Healing and Wellness to focus on improving Mental Health and Wellbeing


Mrs. Eva Scholle Lapides
1 (845) 694-8170
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