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ARISE - Hospital Respite The Empowerment Center

10 Fred Hecht Drive 1 877 HELP 800
Spring valley, NY fax: (914) 699-5030
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Mission Statement

Hospital Diversion


ARISE-Logic Model Inputs The overwhelming need for alleviation of the effects of traumatic events on people’s lives in a healthy and cost effective manner is pressing. The outstanding cost of psychiatric hospitalization has proven to produce limited returns. Many people who enter a psychiatric facility return. ARISE Hospital Diversion Respite Apartment provides an important addition to the prevailing model that reduces the need for costly inpatient stays and sets a framework for guests to empower themselves, move ahead in life and remove the need to go to an inpatient facility. Outputs People living with the effects of traumatic events are finding the need for psychiatric hospitalization reduced. Those living in difficult family or mental health system provided environments and finding their growth limited by their surroundings or need for direction can increase their successes and find a happier and more self-directed life. Receiving personal attention for five days has proven to generate and focus motivation. Impact Statement ARISE Rockland Hospital Diversion Respite Apartment provides a haven from stressors for people in the process of overcoming the effects of traumatic events. By supporting our guests and attending to their emotional needs we alleviate the daily pressures that they may be experiencing and help them focus on what they would like to do to further their lives. This one-to-one peer attention is proving to reduce the need for psychiatric hospitalization.


Greg DiSalvio
1 877 HELP 800
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